Sword T Shirt Navy Blue
Sword T Shirt Navy Blue V Neck
Sword T Shirt Navy Blue V Neck
Sword T Shirt Navy Blue V Neck

Sword T Shirt Navy Blue V Neck

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History of the Sword T Shirt Garment:

Prior to the institutionalization of Code Duello, gentleman carried their swords with them everywhere they went. Gentlemen would carry swords on their left side while taking a stroll with their lady. In the event that their lady were to be insulted under their protection, the gentleman would remove his sword and demand an apology from the scoundrel who insulted her honor! The Dueling Sword T Shirt and Tank Top celebrates this chivalry with a limited-edition run of both styles!

Navy Blue V Neck Garment Description:

This Navy Blue V Neck T Shirt is a unique one-of-a-kind garment made with a mix of Cotton, Rayon and Polyester in order to ensure its softness, comfort and durability. Our high quality t-shirt is constructed to outlast many of our competitors in its' fit and also its print. We challenge you to try one of our Dueling shirts today!

Dueling Purchase Includes:

Our Sword T Shirt comes with a full Dueling Welcome Package that includes many goodies such as  Certificate of Authenticity, Dueling Stickers and a really cool Code Duello Poster which explains the original rules of Dueling!


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