About Us

Dueling: The Premier Sword Brand

We began Dueling as a homage to all those brave souls who had the courage to stand up for what they believed in – even if it meant that they would meet their end at Dueling Grounds. We are fully enamored by a sword’s lure as it is able to uncover the truth with one swift swing. We believe that those who don the sword understand the meaning of honor, bravery and justice. As such, all of our products, from our clothing to our accessories, all display the sword proudly and illustriously!

By carrying a sword, one must take on great responsibilities and endeavors as well. As such, we believe in our call to action motto, “Challenge Accepted,” as one must face all obstacles head on and with a positive outlook. Only when one truly understands their internal strength and is in love with their journey can they withstand anything that is thrown at them.

We dare you to become the better version of yourself, as everyday is another chance to seize what you desire! Visit our Clothing and Accessories today to get your gear today!


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