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Send In Your Seconds Vintage Black Graphic T Shirt

Send In Your Seconds Vintage Black Graphic T Shirt

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History of Send In Your Seconds T Shirt

When two gentlemen decided to settle their personal differences, they never maintained contact between one another following their original altercation. In fact, they entrusted a very close confidant of theirs, known as a dueling second, to be the mediator of either the reconciliation of the two men or the liason of negotiating favorable terms for his client. The role of the dueling second was crucial and necessary to the duel- the role of a second contributed to the legitimacy of the duel itself, because his presence alone made it virtually impossible for the dueling parties to stage a fake or illegitimate duel. The principal had to choose his second wisely because not only was the second responsible for negotiating the terms of the duel, but he had to be present to ensure that the duel was conducted with honor by both parties. A Dueling second, according to Code Duello, had the right to intervene and join in a duel if he felt that the duel was not facilitated in good faith. Therefore, it was an honor to be chosen a second! As such, we dedicate this garment as a tribute to those who served honorably by their principal's side.

Vintage Black Graphic T Shirt Garment Description:

This unique one-of-a-kind garment is made with a mix of Cotton, Rayon and Polyester in order to ensure its softness, comfort and durability. Our high quality t-shirt is constructed to outlast many of our competitors in its' fit and also its print. We challenge you to try one of our Dueling shirts today!

Dueling Purchase Includes

Our Send In Your Seconds Vintage Black T Shirt comes with a full Dueling Welcome Package that includes many goodies such as  Certificate of Authenticity, Dueling Stickers and a really cool Code Duello Poster which explains the original rules of Dueling!


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