Last Remnant
Last Remnant of a Civilized Society T-Shirt
Last Remnant of a Civilized Society T-Shirt
Last Remnant of a Civilized Society T-Shirt
Last Remnant of a Civilized Society T-Shirt

Last Remnant of a Civilized Society T-Shirt

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History of Last Remnant of A Civilized Society:

The institution of dueling was created as a peace-making mechanism, in which, its' participants had to adhere to certain rules and regulations. The institution of dueling has its' roots in the medieval feud, which was a private affair that started amongst two rivals and eventually expanded to include more family members and close acquaintances. Therefore, dueling was institutionalized in order to limit the number of combatants involved in these types of affairs. Dueling was created in order to regulate the decorum of the contemporary aristocrat. A gentleman knew that his honor, prestige and good reputation rested on the kind words of his contemporaries. Any slight of character was not to be dealt with lightly. If a gentleman called another gentleman a liar, in the attempt to tarnish his reputation, the accused needed to confront his adversary's aggressiveness with strength and resolve. He either needed to seek an apology of some sort from his counterpart, and if he wasn't able to receive it, challenge him to a duel in order to gain satisfaction from the original slight. Therefore, we can conclude that the institution of dueling held a strong position within society- any slight or slip of the tongue would need to be resolved swiftly by both parties. As such, Dueling is the Last Remnant Of A Civilized Society.

Black Back Print T-Shirt Garment Description:

This unique one-of-a-kind garment is made with 100% Egyptian cotton in order to ensure its softness and comfort. Our high quality t-shirt is constructed to outlast many of our competitors in its' fit and also its print. We challenge you to try one of our Dueling shirts today!

Dueling Purchase Includes:

Our Last Remnant Of A Civilized Society Black T-Shirt comes with a full Dueling Welcome Package that includes many goodies such as  Certificate of Authenticity, Dueling Stickers and a really cool Code Duello Poster which explains the original rules of Dueling!


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