To Lead Or Not To Lead

To Lead Or Not To Lead


To Lead or Not To Lead


Calling yourself a boss is easy,

As barking order and scolding doesn't take much,

However, to lead, now that's a more advanced skill,

As delegating tasks is just one of the many hurdles to overcome,


To lead, one must have experience,

Especially in what the task at hand asks for,

For without going through it in the past,

The task becomes that much harder to finish,


To lead, one must possess good instincts,

For decision making needs a quick and able mind,

As business is done at all times of the day,

And if you stall, your competition gains an upper hand,


To lead, one must certainly exude confidence,

For the team to have a fighting chance,

As the going gets tough,

The team relies on the leader for inspirational support,


Instinct is something that can't be taught,

However, experience and confidence,

These are traits that can be cultivated,

Through working hard towards a common goal,


And each characteristic is essential to a leader,

As, He who wishes to be obeyed,

Must ultimately know how to command!


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