Survival Of The Fittest

Survival Of The Fittest


Survival Of The Fittest


The lion in the jungle,

And the toad in the pond,

Have more than you think in common,

As they both withstood the test of time,


Their survival doesn't rely on their brawn,

Nor does it rely upon their wit,

But rather how they adapt to change,

That's what separates them from the extinct,


The same can be said,

In the social world that we are apart of,

As the most successful people,

Are those that have adapted quickly,


Think about those fads,

That have came and went,

They no longer exist,

Because they failed to pivot,


Those that survive and prosper,

Are those whose agility

Allowed them to take multiple hits,

But still kept going


Rome was surely not built overnight,

And neither was any fortune,

Even those who hit the lotto,

Had tried their luck many times before,


So even if you are the lion,

Or the toad for that matter,

One thing remains clear,


Adjust to what is thrown at you,

And you will survive.


Fail to do so,

And you surely won't. 


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