Planning The Attack

Planning The Attack

Planning The Attack


The most precious commodity,

That we all possess is time,

And what we decide to do, or not,

For that matter, defines our life's climb,


For if we are given a task,

Which asks for an undertaking of great consequence,

We must first think of all possible scenarios,

Before we proceed with confidence,


The most important aspects,

In building any business venture,

Is patience and learning,

For these will avoid a misadventure,


Planning the attack,

Is not a simple thing at all,

You must take into consideration,

All the ways you might slip and fall,


That is why you should read,

And then write what you've learned,

For that will aid you tremendously,

While proceeding towards the point of no return,


But don't plan too much,

And forget to implement your finding,

For paralysis-analysis is a real disease,

Which prevents you from grinding,


Keep in mind your goal,

And always maintain your drive,

For those who try hardest,

Will always find it easiest to thrive.


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