Man In The Mirror

Man In The Mirror


Man In The Mirror


Like the amphibian,

You must understand,

Your opponent lives a dual life,

on water and on land,



We must never mistake,

A critic from a foe,

For your greatest critic lives within you,

And your enemy lies below,



Look into the eyes of your opponent,

And you shall see,

If he or she is worried,

Of your success to a certain degree,



Look in the mirror,

And take a hard look,

For the reflection captures,

Your greatest supporter and crook,



For the man in the mirror,

Is the greatest obstacle you will face,

In order for you to change,

Your wallet or your place in space,



Because your opponent lives as much within,

As he does without,

So in order to conquer the latter,

You must first defeat your self-doubt,



Remember, your external foe,

Isn't a critic of your life,

He is simply a competitor,

Just trying to survive,



While your internal enemy,

The one you see in the mirror,

Is your biggest impediment to success,

Get rid of him and you'll be able to see much clearer!


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