Honor. Respect. Loyalty.

Honor Respect Loyalty

Honor. Respect. Loyalty.



A man goes through many transformations,

Over a course of a lifetime,

From poverty to riches,

From shy to confident,

From stubborn to openminded,



But throughout all the change,

One thing must remain,

And that is his character,

The one thing that will stay,

When everything else is taken from him.



They say a man's wealth is not measured,

By the size of his wallet,

But in his integrity,

And in his ability to affect those around him.



Honor. Respect. Loyalty.

These are the principles,

Every man should seek to live by,

As their intrinsic value has no price.



How a man conducts himself in business,

And in personal relationships,

Is how he will be revered,

Or reproached,



It is thus up to him,

To make time in building,

And ultimately following,

His own code of ethics,



As, ultimately, that is what,

his character depends on.



Honor. Respect. Loyalty.



Learn them and you will be invincible.

Disregard them and you will be replaceable.


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