Fear Is Real, Not An Illusion

Fear Is Real Not An IllusionFear Is Real, Not An Illusion

What do they say about fear


They say fear is an illusion, a figment of your imagination. They say fear can only consume you. They say you must conquer your fear in order to fulfill your true potential.


While all these statements have an element of truth to them, they do not solve the most important aspect of fear. That is, what we can learn from our fears? If we are to believe that fear is just an illusion, then we can not pay any mind to it. If we believe that fear can consume us, then we have to stay away from it. If we are to believe that we must conquer our fear, then we must have to face it head on.


Since everyone, to a certain extent, experiences fear in some shape or form in their life, we must conclude that,


Fear is real, not an illusion!


But what can we learn from our fears?


When we fear something or a multitude of things, we need to first identify the cause. A fear of one entity can transcend and blur your vision of another. When identifying the fear, be cognizant of what it is and how it makes you feel. Only then, can we have the clarity to see the problem and plan to overcome it.


After we identify what the cause of our fear, we must plan how to overcome it. The plan of action is important, as it lays down guidelines of how we may triumph our fears.


Lastly, once we identify and make a plan to accost our fear, we then must face our fear head on. For only if we put into action what we have planned for, can use our fear as a driving force for success and change.


King Louis XIV of France once said, “There is little that can withstand a man who can conquer himself.” In other words, fear is internal obstacle, and those who can overcome all their personal doubts, will certainly prevail and succeed. 


Just remember, Fear is real. Don't let it get a hold of you. Grab it by the horns and show it who's in charge!


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