Embrace The Unknown

Embrace The Unknown

Embrace The Unknown


Fear, as we know, is real and true,

An emotion not like any other,

Fear can make a man run away,

And can also make him to chase further,


What we are scared of,

Is not what we would expect or know,

But it is consequence of something obscure,

Something shady, something unknown,


As everyone is scared of the unknown,

But how we react separates us all,

The ones who run and hide,

Are never the ones to stand up tall,


They will never understand,

What it means to be truly free,

As their main concern is security,

And of course, not fitting in,


However, there are those who understand,

Life's never ending mystery,

And they always do succeed,

And overcome the others' misery,


Life is truly unpredictable,

As nothing is ever given or guaranteed,

That is why we must embrace the unknown,

For it will be our driving force to succeed!


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