Double-Edged Sword

Double-Edged Sword

Double-Edged Sword


He who fights with monsters,

Must be careful that he doesn't become one,

As life has a funny way,

Of exposing one's true essence,



When we come to the fork in the road,

What separates us all is in our decision,

Do we go right or left, up or down,

As these decisions have immense consequences,



For if we go one way,

We will enjoy all that it has to offer,

From its beautiful flowers

To its dense green forests,



But what shall always escape us,

Is that feeling of the unknown,

Is knowing what would have happened,

If we had gone a different way,



In there, lies life's greatest riddle,

For every decision becomes a double-edged sword,

Thus, we can never experience the best of both worlds,

As time is limited and we can not be duplicated,



But what can mitigate this feeling,

Is living without regrets,

Living every day as it is your first,

And possibly your last,



Follow your passion,

And never give up, 

Even when the future looks bleek,

You will be that much closer to realizing it,



Do what makes you feel good,

Do what makes you feel right.



Only then can we escape,

The power of the double-edged sword! 


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