Create Your Legacy

Create Your Legacy

Create Your Legacy


Nothing is ever given to you. Only your name. But what you do with what has been given to you, now that becomes your legacy.”


In previous posts, we have always advocated pursuing your dreams and never giving up – because only then can you truly obtain what you want. One of the reasons why we started Dueling was to inspire others to take a chance on a dream, because we are always remembered by what we create and what we leave behind. Our legacy follows us until the end of time. Ergo, it is imperative to choose to do something spectacular in our lives!


The idea of leaving a long lasting legacy has been around for ages. From Ancient Greek tales of Achilles and Odysseus to modern day sports athletes such as Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky, the idea of being great was never enough. What drove these men to do such daring acts was the desire to become legendary. Because, as the saying goes, people will die, but legends will live forever!


Within all of us, there is a dream or a passion that is in dire need to be fulfilled. That is why we are here – to fulfill an idea that is greater than ourselves. For many, their dreams are often put to the side in order to follow something that they perceive is more practical and attainable. However, for those few that choose to pursue their dreams, and never give up, the fruits of their labor are that much more sweeter. Their desire to leave something behind is greater than their desire to maintain the status quo, and for that sole reason, they become legends whose story do not perish even when they do.


Since we are only here for such a limited amount of time, we should always choose to pursue to a dream that is greater than who we are. Only then, will we truly be happy in our journey and be immortalized as one of the greats. 


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