Change Is The Only Constant

Change Is The Only Constant

Change Is the Only Constant


Those who dwell on the past,

Are often left wondering,

How is everyone else getting by,

While they are stuck here pondering,



Those who understand that,

Change is the only constant,

Will be that much more ready,

To adapt as well from the onset,



For the past is the past,

Only here to remind us,

Of things that could have been,

And of things that are behind us,



The future is the present we live in,

And our decisions today will dictate,

For better or for worst,

The tomorrow we will create,



Remember when things are good or bad,

The tide will always turn,

So keep adjusting your sails,

As the wind will always churn,



For those who adjust accordingly,

Will certainly prosper and achieve,

And those who resist,

Will suffer and aggrieve!


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