Be Bold.

Be Bold

Be Bold


As the birds start chirping,

And the sun begins to rise,

So should you –

As the day is meant to be seized,

Not spent.



A legacy is simply,

Something that we aren't given

And something that we will not receive,

But rather a summation of a life's work,

Every day and every night.



Leaving a meaningful legacy,

Takes guts,

Enduring things that no one else is willing to endure,

In order to enjoy things that no one else will enjoy,



But one thing remains clear,

Becoming great means taking risks,

Willing to work longer and harder than others,

Willing to fail hundreds of times until you succeed,

Essentially, willing to be bold in the face of immense fear.



But nothing ever comes easy,

Even the easy way is hard at times,

As feeling inadequate and expendable,

Is a common sentiment,



And the only remedy for that,

Is to take a chance,

Chase your dream

And always Be Bold. 



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