Ability Without Honor Is Useless

Ability Without Honor Is Useless


Ability without honor is useless.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero


According to Cicero, having ability and having honor go hand in hand. In this day and age, it is easy to get caught up in the glitz of glamor of needless consuming and showing off that we don't pay mind to how someone carries themselves. We are convinced through social media and similar outlets that we must acquire the newest cars and gadgets by any any means necessary. By believing that, we are ignoring the most important aspect of obtaining wealth, which is obtaining class as well!


Honor, as well as respect and loyalty, is one of our core principles as a brand. As we have established in past posts, Dueling was a social institution that sought to correct personal slandering in a civilized fashion. The fact that you might be challenged to a duel was reason enough to maintain proper etiquette and decorum at all times. In a world full of relentless self-promotions and unfulfilled promises, we distinguish ourselves by promoting the idea of carrying yourself with honesty, fairness and integrity at all times.


Being honorable does not mean posting status updates on Facebook telling people that you are. There is no self-promotion in the area of honor, rather it is something that you acquire over time through your interactions with others. The way you conduct yourself in social settings say a lot about you: Do you receive compliments with humility or do they feed your ego? Are you truthful and honest with everyone that you meet? Do you keep your promises or are you considered to be a flake? It under these pretenses that our code of honor is eventually constructed and tested.


That is why it is important to grow as a person from the inside out. Your abilities and your honor need to grow simultaneously. Being rich in spirit and being rich in pockets are two different things – however the former can always impact the ladder in the right manner. Always remember, having the ability to do something and doing the honorable thing are two separate concepts, but they need to be combined in order to generate the most effective possible outcome! Ergo, ability without honor is useless. 


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